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The Most Popular Car Vacuum Cleaner

, Lucas Møller,

The Vacuum Pod® is the most popular car vacuum cleaner for a reason and here is why.

You no longer need to bring out your old vacuum cleaner every time you clean your car. With The Vacuum Pod® you can clean your messes on-the-go. It is wireless, convenient and powerful.

The Vacuum Pod® is extremely versatile and can clean all sorts of messes with ease. Effortlessly vacuum everything from food crumbs and pet hair, to liquids and coins.

The Vacuum Pod® requires almost no maintenance. When the dust box is full, simply empty it in a trash can. The HEPA-filter can easily be removed and washed in water.

The compact size of The Vacuum Pod® makes it possible to store in your glove box, door compartment, trunk or wherever else you want it.

The Vacuum Pod® has a washable and advanced HEPA-filter, which traps all fine particles and contaminants, as small as 0.2 picometres. This is 2000% more efficient than a regular paper filter.

The Vacuum Pod® features large capacity lithium batteries, which gives it a longer running time than ordinary portable vacuum cleaners. The premium batteries allow up to 30 minutes of running time in 5Kpa mode.

The Vacuum Pod® operates at a frequency below 70dB. This means that the noise level of The Vacuum Pod® is only half of ordinary portable vacuum cleaners. This low volume provides you with a comfortable and quiet cleaning experience.

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